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Weight Loss Diets vs Lifestyle Changes

by Angela on February 23, 2012

By Angela Buhri


It’s a known fact that 95% of the people who lose weight with a diet gain back that weight within one year. Newer statistics even say that 95% of dieters gain 107% of their weight back within one year. Can you tell me why on earth millions of people are following a path that has only a 5% chance of lasting more than a year? Or, to put it a different way – why are millions of people following a path that has a 95% chance of failure? This is insane! It’s high time we stop this madness.

A definition of “insanity” is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Why are millions of people all over the world following such an insane path and expecting different results? Are they all stupid? Well, a few might be, but I can’t believe that the majority of people struggling with weight are insane or stupid – they are just insanely misinformed.

The real reason is neither insanity or stupidity, it’s conditioning. We have, for decades, been conditioned to go on weight-loss diets. It’s almost like being brainwashed and hypnotised by the exhortation to eat less and exercise more to lose weight. Well, maybe it is no different than brainwashing and hypnotism. Conditioning has nothing to do with common sense or even the truth. It’s something that has been drilled into us as a fact, but can actually be completely false. But because it has been repeated over and over again, especially by people we trust, we have come to believe it.

As a child, our parents tell us what is the right food to eat; then later, our teachers and physicians. We read it in books, magazines and on websites; we hear it on the radio and the T.V. Not a month goes by without hearing about a new diet. It’s all about diets, diets, diets. So, naturally, we become to believe that dieting must be the solution.

Here’s the question we have to ask ourselves… Since when has doing more of the wrong things become the solution? Why would you spend any more time, energy, or money looking for more of the same tactics that don’t work, when even the first diet you followed didn’t work? I know you thought that it was all your problem: your lack of discipline and willpower, your not being able to follow through. And once again, you have been brainwashed to believe that when a diet failes it is entirely your fault. This is how you keep buying into the system. As long as you feel guilty, you keep searching for an answer outside of yourself and buying the services and products offered to us as quick solutions. This is sales psychology at work.

Now think about what would happen if you were to stop the old pattern of dieting and looking for quick fixes. And think of all the time and money you’d save if you stopped counting calories, weighing food, trying new diets, purchasing new programs, and buying expensive “lite” products and diet foods! How much easier would it be to get the body you want if you had a lot less to focus on, and a lot less to think about—while you start losing weight and enjoying your life more?

Make no mistake: most of those people who are sadly unaware of the right strategy are practically screaming, “Where is the next diet?”

It’s a symptom of seeking short-term solutions and quick fixes. Meanwhile, every new diet you try takes you further and further away from your weight loss goal because not only do you regain the lost weight after a while, you actually gain! The reason lies in how our body has been created. It is in our body’s true nature to gain weight after going on a diet—which, from our body’s perspective, is a famine. I have shared in other articles why this is so (please read Issues #1, #9, #19, and #20).

Each famine/diet forces the body to reduce its metabolic rate and thus store more fat for the next famine/diet. This is the reason why so many dieters stop losing weight altogether while dieting. At one point the body simply doesn’t respond any more to diets. I had many participants in my workshops and one-on-one clients who went on a diet or even on a water fast and lost NOTHING! Before I stumbled upon the real solution for lasting weight loss, I once water fasted for 40 days and not only lost nothing – I GAINED weight. Can you imagine how frustrating that is? This is very typical for long-term dieters: the more diets you follow, the more likely that this will happen to you as well. You can get to a point where you not only do not lose weight, you actually gain weight even during a starvation diet—as I did during the water fast.

But how could the “diet lie” survive for almost a century? Because people want easy remedies and instant gratification. Most people would rather take a pain killer than find out what is causing their headaches. Over the last 50 years we have been trained to expect instant results. Push a button, and the problem is gone. Swallow a pill and you’re healthy again. The epidemic of obesity (50% in the USA), of people suffering from chronic diseases, and of new diseases (over 80 new automimmune diseases within the last 20 years) is alarming proof that quick fixes don’t work. They don’t work for health issues and they don’t help for weight loss. But as long as we insist on getting quick results, on solving problems with a pill or a simple push of a button, things will get worse.

Diets and most of the common weight loss methods you find today are nothing but short-term, quick-fix tactics that lead to yo-yoing and more severe health issues. The only way that does work is to be devoted to a long-term weight loss strategy that addresses all aspects of weight gain and weight loss. Healthy eating is one part of a weight loss strategy and only a small part of the solution. It might not even be the most important factor for you. What it takes is a paradigm shift. It takes a lifestyle change.

It took millions of decisions and choices in the past to get you to where you are now: you ate poorly, you drank the wrong things, you didn’t exercise enough, you thought negatively, you disliked and mistreated your body, and so on and so forth. From the time you were a teenager up until now you have made many, many wrong decisions that eventually led to your current weight and state of health. You can’t undo this with a simple diet that withholds some vital nutrients from your body. The only way that will lead to long-term, lasting success is a holistic strategy that shows you the right steps to take.

Weight gain is quite a complex problem, especially for women, because there is so much more involved than just the food. A simple approach like a diet that puts your body under additional stress can never do the job. Only a sound, long-term strategy can – and that takes time. There is no fast method for losing excess weight. But what is faster? Going on an on-again, off-again, yo-yo diet for the next 10 years? Or devoting yourself to a good, healthy, and holistic weight loss strategy that might, depending on your current weight, take anywhere from a few months to a couple of years to reach your final weight goal—and then to maintain it? Only you can answer this question for yourself.

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