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The 4 Most Overlooked Secrets To Lasting Weight Loss

by Angela on March 8, 2012


By Angela Buhri

I recently did a teleseminar called The 4 Most Overlooked Secrets To Losing Weight Forever. This teleseminar alone has already transformed the weight and lives of many, and today I want to give you the chance to transform yours as well.

In this audio I’m revealing what I think are the four most overlooked aspects of lasting weight loss success – and how these four aspects are crucial to releasing your weight for good. The main purpose of this audio is to help you to make the mindset shift that is crucial in order to make your weight loss results last. This teleseminar will completely change your perspective about lasting weight loss and give you several aha’s.

You can listen to the recording here.  This is a 100-minute audio. Your time will be very well invested.


…you’re fed up with your weight loss progress and your weight

…you’re tired of all the hype diets and weight loss methods promising that you can lose 9 pounds within 9 days, but at the end of the day delivering very, very little’re confused and uncertain about what really works and what doesn’t work – what’s a waste of time, what’s worth your time and money – what you definitely need to do and what you should avoid doing at all costs

…and, finally, you’re ready to learn what will really work for you in losing weight in a natural, healthy manner and in the easiest, fastest way possible, with results virtually guaranteed.

…then this call is for you.

During this audio I’m going to show you a way you can forget all the lies you have been told about weight loss, forget all the hassles of your past, forget your unsuccessful attempts to shed those extra pounds. I will show you the ONLY way that will give you the body you want to have (no, it’s not a method or a program, it’s a mindset shift you can easily do for yourself).

You will learn a way that helps you clear up any confusion, eliminate any uncertainty, and get rid of any frustration that you are currently experiencing by showing you the most certain path to lose your weight naturally and in a healthy manner—without yo-yo dieting, without bouncing back, without starving, craving or sweating—and keep it off once you have lost your extra weight.

You will hear about a way that can help you finally enjoy your slim, vibrant, healthy and beautiful body that is already there… within you. Isn’t that the point? Isn’t that the reason you decided to start your first diet—so that you’d look good, feel great in your own skin, have more freedom doing what you really want, and ultimately feel proud that you have turned your numerous weight loss attempts and failures into a huge victory?

Are you ready to finally learn what really works? Okay, here is your audio. All it takes is a mindset shift.

To your slim and healthy YOU,

Angela B.

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