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Angela Buhri is CEO, Weight Loss Coach, Speaker, Seminar Leader, Consultant and Author….

Angela struggled with her weight since early childhood…until she discovered by accident, that weight loss can happen easily and effortlessly, without dieting and exercise. This is why she founded The Weight Loss Rebellion. Angela knows from her own painful experiences what it means to be fat. She has dedicated more than half of her life to help other women struggling with weight issues to achieve the slim, healthy, vibrant and beautiful body they have always dreamed of.

Since 1984 she has helped tens of thousands of women world-wide to lose their weight in an easy, healthy, and natural way, without starving or sweating. Angela believes it is part of her true calling to help supply the necessary tools to all women who are struggling with their weight. She believes it is her life’s purpose to help all women who are ready and willing to take a new, better, easier and cheaper route of losing weight…and, to help them get the body they have always wanted.

Today Angela is the proud Founder and CEO of, the newsletter and website for the empowerment of women struggling with their weight. Before founding TWLR, Angela published the book “Mental Slim Training” and created a companion 9-month program.. She is the head of her own coaching, speaking, writing, publishing and consulting business since 1984. From 1986 to 1994 she was also a successful personal coach for business owners and the Managers of large European companies like Shell Switzerland, Migros (Switzerland’s largest retailer), Winterthur Insurance, Schmitz Cargo Germany, among others. Through the years Angela has helped tens of thousands of individuals to lead a better, healthier, more successful, more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Because of her impressive track record, Angela is known in the Weight Loss world as “The Weight Loss Revolutionary”. She credits a good part of her success to her coaching and consulting career. Because she can think outside the box, discover new paths, and find novel solutions to problems, Angela is a highly sought-after International coach, motivational speaker, and author..

Angela’s first book, Mental Slim Training, was published in German. Her companion program, with the same name, was completely sold out within two months of being published.

Angela lives near Lucerne, Switzerland and in Nova Scotia, Canada. She lives with her dog, Toby, and the cat, Felix. She is the proud mother of a grown daughter and the grandmother of a two-year old baby boy.

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